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Hi, I'm David. I am a Certified Life Coach. 
I'm passionate about helping people thrive in life, & leadership 

M.A., Life Coach,
Pastoral Sex Addiction Professional

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Your Path to Thriving in Life & Leadership

Coaching Services 



I provide a safe space to process both personal struggles &  leadership challenges. Confidential support.


Helping you uncover the roots of unwanted sexual behavior and find healing so you can rebuild your life.



Uncover roots of what's holding you back and receive healing so you can thrive in life and relationships.

Life & relationships can be a challenge. If you are stuck in unhealthy patterns & unwanted behavior, then you are in the right place. There's hope for change and healing. 

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David Fritch, BA, MA, PSAP (Pastoral Sex Addiction Professional candidate)
A Little More About Me

I have served God served in full-time ministry as a pastor, teacher, missionary, and author for over 24 years. I received my  M.A. in Practical Theology from Regent University and was ordained as a Pastor in 2002.


I get the unique challenges men in public vocations face and have a passion to create safe places for men work through their struggles. 


 Over the years I have met man after man struggling to stay free of unwanted sexual behavior and hopeless to find any lasting freedom. To serve them better I am completing a certification called Pastoral Sex Addiction Professional to help them uncover and heal the roots of their behavior.

I integrate practical coaching tools, accountability, and spiritual practices into my coaching sessions. I believe connecting to God is the ultimate source of change and so I strive to help men move beyond mere goal setting and behavior modification into true transformation. In addition to his work as a coach, David is a husband, father of four, and a small business owner.

Client Testimonies 
You don't have stay where you are. Lasting change is possible. 
"Many coaches have wisdom and tools, but David's additional superpower is the authority to bring deep emotional and spiritual freedom so it becomes exponentially easier to move forward in your life and career. David helped me to transform personally so that I was able to in turn transform my businesses."- Brett P. (Life Coaching)
"From my first session, I immediately felt comfortable and safe discussing anything and everything with him. He has a gentle but direct way of pulling things out of you and helping you to work through them. He isn’t afraid to sit in a particular topic and drill down until a level of breakthrough comes. I’d encourage anyone to have him on the board of directors of their heart!” -Jonny F. (Pastoral Coaching)

How to Get Started


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You Shouldn't Have to do Life & Leadership Alone!
Sometimes you just need some outside perspective, encouragement, and accountability to go to the next level. 
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