Hi, I'm David, and I coach  influencers on how to create, & market their e-course using a simple and effective system.

You have a life-changing message that would make a great e-course

but there's a problem...

You have no idea where to start?

Feel lost about how to market it?

The technology is confusing

Not sure how to make it profitable

It seems too time consuming

Social Media is a mystery

You'll get a step-by-step

 process to help you create, market & launch your first e-course 

I Get It!

"Hi, my name is David Fritch. I am an author, speaker & minister and know exactly how you feel. My goal in starting Thinkable was to use the insights from 8 years of pioneering online courses to make starting an online course so easy you would think... "even I can do this!Just think of the untold lives that will be changed after you launch your course!"

How I Help You Succeed

My vision is to create a clear and sustainable path for you to build and grow a successful online ministry.


Step by step coaching for creating, marketing & launching your first e-course


Upload your content to our custom platform open registration, take payment & start teaching


Inspire & Influence lives through a custom website that clearly and powerfully tells your story.

“I had an E-COURSE inside of me and David pulled it out and made it a reality. His coaching is inspiring, challenging and life-changing”

--Chris Burns, Author of Pioneers of His Presence

Launch Coaching

Stop the Guess-Work & Build with Proven Strategies!

Don't know where to start? You'll  get a custom fit guide to launching & growing your online course.

Overwhelmed & turned off by most marketing? You'll Learn simple, and authentic ways to get the word out.

Technology is confusing. The Thinkable e-course platform will make it easy to load your content, accept payment and start teaching.

Not sure how to create sustainable income? Learn insider tips on how to create a profitable and sustainable e-course business.


Your Plan to

Launch Your 1st

Successful Course


Schedule a Free

Call to Discover your goals


Start weekly coaching to develop a custom launch plan


Load your

content and Start Changing lives

Andrew went through my launch coaching framework and launched his first course, Next Level Worship Leader, in 90 days and is serving a whole new generation of emerging worship leaders! --Andrew Ehrenzeller, Jesus Culture Artist

Do you have an e-course parked on a website not making any money and not impacting people?

If you are done doing it alone and want help, we

are here to serve! We will walk you and your team through a customized, step-by-step process to create successful launches and sustainable income. You'll never have to wonder if you are doing it right.

Let Me Help!


How much time and money

has doing it by yourself cost you already?

An investment in your dream is an investment in transformed lives!

Download my Free PDF and

the take your first Steps to Launch

a High Impact E-Course

Chris Burns teaching 'Secret Place Lifestyle"

Check out our Ridiculously

Easy-to-use e-course platform.

Create a Course

Upload Your Content

Take Payment &  Start Teaching


I'd love to learn more about your vision. Send me a message and we can get started!
What do you need help with the most?


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