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Reclaim Your Life From the Destruction of Unwanted
Sexual Behavior

Video Appointments Available

Break Addictive Patterns

Rebuild Your Relationship

Become Emotionally Healthy

Porn & Sex Addiction Recovery Coaching 

The High Price of Secret, Unwanted Sexual Behavior

Sexual temptation is a powerful and addictive force that can captivate & hold us, prisoners, for years and destroy everything and everyone we love.

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Trapped in Addiction
Powerless to stop the behavior destroying your life and relationships

Broken Relationships
Your trust is broken, your spouse is traumatized and your wold in chaos

Isolated & Alone 
The shame makes us feel we can't share with anyone, even God.

Damaged Reputation
Secrets exposed can set us back professionally and in our community

Emotional Distress
Depression, anxiety and even suicidal ideation can result.

Overwhelming Shame
Shame tells us we are broken, horrible people who can never change.

How Recovery Coaching Can Help

Recovery Coaching uses a set of proven tools to help you move from addiction to healthy sexuality. As your coach, I'll draw from my 24 years of pastoral experience, my certification in sex addiction, and my training in therapeutic disclosures to support you in your journey to wholeness. I'll provide encouragement, accountability, and a judgment-free space for you to disrupt your cycle and rebuild your life. 

David Fritch,
The Three-Core Goals of Recovery Coaching
 As your coach, I'll provide encouragement, accountability, and a judgment-free space for you to disrupt your cycle and rebuild your life. In our sessions, we will work on 3 Core Areas.

Establishing Sustainable Sexual Sobriety

In this phase, not only will you learn invaluable tools to help you disrupt your addictive cycle, you will receive the support and insight from a trained coach to help you establish a life of free of unwanted sexual behavior.

Understanding & Healing from the Roots of Your Addiction

Unresolved pain is the hidden force behind addiction.  In this phase, we will "get under the hood" and discover the reasons behind your addiction. I'll lead you through a path of understanding how your past has affected your present and how to heal from the pain the past.


Building Healthy Relationships

The goal isn't to just get you to stop doing bad things but to learn to live life as it was meant to be lived. Emotional Intimacy is the antidote to sex addiction. In this phase, you will learn the skills to develop authentic, emotionally connected relationships.




Your Path to Healing


Trip to the mountains
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1-1 Recovery Coaching

Weekly 1 hour sessions either in person or via telehealth video to help you establish sobriety, uncover & heal from the roots of your behavior, and heal damaged relationships.


Full Disclosures

Restore trust with your spouse In this Guided session where you'll read a detailed account of all unwanted sexual behavior and then have it validated by a polygraph examination.

1 Day Intensives

Get six weeks of coaching in 1 day. You will explore the roots of your addictive behavior, break barriers of shame and receive healing so you can get and stay free.

How to Get Started


Call, Text, or Email to Schedule a Free Consultation


Set Your First Appointment

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Take Back Your Life

Individual 50 min Sessions, $150
Sliding Scale May Be Eligible
Pay by Credit Card & HSA. Insurance not accepted 
123 N. Main, Suite J, Crown Point, IN
Text or Call 804-438-2226
* Disclaimer: I am not a licensed mental health professional and for that reason, I do not take insurance.  I am a certified life coach and Pastoral Sex Addiction Professional through ITAAP (International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals) . I use this training and my 25+ years of ministry experience to help me break addictions, identify root causes, and heal and rebuild their relationships.
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What is Sex & Porn Addiction?

Sex & Porn addiction, according to Dr. Patrick Carnes, is when you feel like you can't stop yourself from constantly seeking out sexual experiences, even when it's causing problems in your life, like trouble in relationships or work. It's something that can get out of control and might make you feel like you need help to break free from it.

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