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Online Course Creators
Boot Camp
A two-day (in-person), hands-on intensive to help you learn the skills you need to create, market and launch an online course 
May 6 & 8

Launching an Online Course can be Overwhelming!

Where do I start?

How do I record it? 

What technology do I use?

How do I market it?

How do I create good content?

How do I make money at it?

Don't waste time and money trying to figure it out by yourself! Let me help!

This is what I do!  I'll share the proven strategies that helped me grow my online school from a part-time gig to a full-time job.

-David Fritch

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"Sorting out the process to create and launch the course was overwhelming. David gave me a clear roadmap to follow. I  highly recommend it! I launched my first course in 90 days and have been impacting so many lives! 

-Jeff Struss, Author & Activist"


A high-impact course idea & title that will sell

A curriculum outline that will keep students coming back

A simple marketing plan to help you reach more people

A proven launch sequence that will boost enrollment

A template for writing emails that convert

A production plan & insight on the best technology.

Fast-Track Your Course! 


days you will have:

In just

Your Plan for Launching a Successful Online Course



for the Bootcamp


Attend the

2-Day Training


Get a clear

path to success

“I had an E-COURSE inside of me and David pulled it out and made it a reality. His coaching is inspiring, challenging, and life-changing. I was able to recoup my initial investment in my first launch and have had incredible feedback on my first course!”

Chris Burns, Author & Recording Artist

Chris Burns.jpg

the rush of creativity & motivation that will come when you learn a simple path to building a successful course!

Just imagine

Grunge Wall

Your Bootcamp Includes:

12 hours of hands-on training $2999 value

A 90 Page Workbook $ 300 value

Landing Page Template--$500 value

Email campaign template--$300 value

Discover your target audience questionaire-$100 value

3-Step title building framework-$200 value

Course Pricing Formula $100

Transformational Curriculum Building Framework--$500

Total Value: $4999.00

for a limited time registration is being offered for only...



$4999 value


Your Investment



$4999 value


Untitled design (85).png

A small investment

will yield great returns! 

Many students recoup the price of their training many times over in the first launch. Don't waste any more time and money doing it alone! Join the bootcamp and fast-track your success.

"I launched my course in 90 days and more than recouped my initial investment on my first launch! "Andrew Ehrenzeller, Recording Artist


If you sign up TODAY, you'll also receive a BONUS one-on-one coaching session to help you in any areas you get stuck! -

a $300 value

Your Investment



$4999 value



Hosted in-person at


249 Central Park Avenue Suite 300
Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Lunch Included 

May 6, Thurs. 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

Sat.-9 a.m.-3 p.m.


or Text me at: 804-438-2226

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